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Dedicated to traveling with a purpose, Elisa writes articles to heighten a traveler’s curiosity, confidence and cultural experience.



5 Places to take your motorcycle passion
San Francisco Chronicle, December, 2011

Playtime Unleashed at Point Isabel

Ark and Tent Magazine, July, 2011

Wrapter, Rescue & Lights 
 Helmet Hair Magazine, Feb-March, 2011

Fall,  2010 
Three Rituals for Work at Home Riders 
Helmet Hair Magazine, October, 2010

Know to Go

Helmet Hair Magazine, July, 2010


Ticket to Ride

Walnut Creek Magazine, May, 2010



Spring Warm-Up: Breathe, Brake and  Back Road

Helmet Hair Magazine, April, 2010          


Propel Your Passion: The Magic of Going to a Motorcycle Show

Helmet Hair Magazine, January, 2010


(This link will read April-June, 2010, yet it was first published in January)



Just back from: Maui



Make Road Kill out of Three Myths for Beginning Riders

Helmet Hair Magazine, October, 2009


(This link will read April-June, 2010, yet it originally appeared in October, 2009)