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Elisa Sasa Southard builds travelers’ curiosity while inspiring confidence.  For more than two decades, she helped professionals break away from their desks to promote themselves.  Coming from a large French-Italian family in Brooklyn, New York, where on weekends uncles appeared after going to the race track while aunts arrived after shopping in Manhattan, ignited Elisa’s sense of adventure. Post high school, she rode pillion on the back of a BMW motorcycle through the Alps. After hopping off, she wore out many pairs of shoes pilgriming across the European continent.  

Arriving in San Francisco, with her story-telling heritage in tow, she engaged professionally in marketing as well as public relations to help others tell their stories.  Her consultancy culminated in authoring the amazon business best seller Break Through the Noise, 9 Tools to Propel Your Marketing Message. Whether serving as a media guest or seminar leader, Elisa, accredited by the Public Relations Society of America, sparked thousands of professionals to be their own best advocate.  

In 2009, from her family home base in the San Francisco Bay Area, she expanded her writing to include her first love — travel.  

Whether taking the mystery out of motorcycle riding or unearthing ways to nourish a traveler’s cultural experience, her pen moves with purpose. She writes a regular column for Helmet Hair, an online motorcycle magazine for women. Her article, Ticket to Ride, appeared in the May, 2010 issue of Walnut Creek magazine.  

          Her viewpoint stimulates even armchair explorers to grab their coats, while it stirs the imagination:  “Curiosity makes the trip. Confidence makes the traveler.”   



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